Welcome to the 2022 Kartesia Sustainability Report. While we continue to analyse and implement the impact of key ESG & CSR priorities like SFDR, engagement and Diversity & Inclusion for both our business and our portfolio companies, this year we are also focusing on the life blood of our organisation, its people. After the last two years and the impact of the pandemic, we are pleased to be physically working together again, but it has also meant renewed emphasis on the importance of looking after and celebrating the people that we work with.

For us that means investing in our teams and supporting their wellbeing. In 2021 and over the start of this year we have had 31 new colleagues join Kartesia, taking our total to 69 employees across 7 European offices. Kartesia is diverse in composition, with 20 nationalities represented, 21 spoken languages and female representation at 35%. We have prioritised increasing the inclusivity of Kartesia and put in place initiatives, such as Kartesia for Women and Kartesia New Generation that will further broaden the make-up of the firm.

In putting this report together, we wanted to give a voice to the talent we have at Kartesia, as well as in our diverse mix of portfolio companies, so that they can share their experience and perspective with you directly.

Damien Scaillierez, Managing Partner

Kartesia’s sustainability approach

Since inception, we have been working hard to improve our sustainability credentials and reporting at Kartesia, including several initiatives taken over the last months.

Responsible investing at Kartesia

At Kartesia, we believe that companies with high environmental, social and governance standards are typically better run, have fewer business risks and ultimately deliver better value for investors. We therefore consider the assessment and management of ESG issues as a key component of the application of its values and have anchored responsible investment into our investment philosophy and process.

Hugo Campagnoli, Investment Manager

“We operationalize ESG within Kartesia, meaning all staff members need to take responsibility for our values. For us, it is about fully integrating ESG into the organization, not treating it as a separate department or a marketing tool.”

Case studies

In accordance with its corporate responsibility objectives, Kartesia has implemented an active engagement policy, aimed at improving the ESG performance of invested companies.

Kartesia strongly believes in its power to ignite change and accompany invested companies in their contribution to a better society, on a healthier planet.

While VDV is already present in a sector aiding the transition to less pollutive materials, sustainability is also a key focus in the company’s day-to-day operations.

This is done by optimizing production processes, creating a safe work environment, as well as recycling scrap material and working with certified suppliers.

Gaëtan Valcke, Investment Manager 

VAN DE VELDE PACKAGING,an ecological packaging solution specialist 


“Kartesia is committed to making a meaningful difference in the world from a social and environmental perspective and this is reflected in spontaneous donations to various causes related to events that occur throughout the year. By involving employees in these causes, Kartesia raises awareness and reinforces its values.”

Ilham Ansriou, ESG Analyst

Coralie De Maesschalck, Head of CSR & ESG


“We will continue to work with our portfolio companies to ensure that they have the best possible understanding of ESG-related regulations and frameworks which, in turn, should result in the most efficient and high-performing businesses in their respective markets.

It is also our aim to collaborate with third parties with extensive expertise in the areas of ESG and CSR to ensure that everything possible is being done to both measure and improve areas such as carbon emissions and gender and diversity.”